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If you think about it Ursula was actually really nice because she only promised Ariel legs, and she gave her really nice legs that matched her body type and skin color when she could have just as easily given her goat legs


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Sometimes I don’t like certain posts that make anxiety bad incase anyone ever goes through my posts and sees that I’ve liked them. The same thing goes for pictures of food on here.

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Anonymous: Oh hell no! You are the prettiest person i've ever seen, and even if you put on 3 TRILLION stone youd still be magnificent! So, no, you are not a "fat bitch". you are wonderful.

You’re a very kind anon x

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Literally put on about 3 million stone

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Is this love

Holy dick balls. Allergic reactions are ugly.

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Not quite finished yet but what a fabulous book
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More lake photos.

I really need to delete all the annoying bastards I have on facebook.

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Finished Looking For Alaska.
Roughly 9 hours and 15 minutes (I have a habit of timing myself)
What a brilliant book! Even though I guessed the ending ha.

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Anonymous: Oh shit yeah!!!! Sorry I didn't even think about that lol!!!! Would you share when you're back? It looks amazing and I wanna go!

Haha that’s quite alright! Perhaps if you ask me off anonymous..

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Anonymous: No what? Are you really not gonna let people in on this incredible place?

Yeah, posting where I am is as bad as posting my entire address online :’)

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