World of Gimli
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Trick or treat.
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I can never decide if I want my hair as long as can be, or as a bob with a short short fringe, so instead I keep it at this stupid mid length.
P.s. Going back blonde soon.

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I need a wee really badly but I watched an alien film today and it’s dark and I’d rather not walk to the bathroom alone.

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Anonymous: I appreciate your blog! And you're talent for baking cakes!:)

Thank you very much that is ever so kind :)

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Anonymous: yeah! and a super cute guy handled my card process thing and took my photo and I died a little inside. looked like an egg

Haha, I got a girl who didn’t seem to know what she was doing, but she let me retake a new photo when my dad photo bombed my first :| embarrassing

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Anonymous: no in the theatre room thing with the fold out seaty things, we only went to the library to get out cards :3

Is your student card photo really ugly and blurry? :’)

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