Anonymous: M O A N T O M E


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Anonymous: England

I’m so stuck. I can’t work on this little clues😩

Anonymous: You might be able to guess at who I am from the first sentence of my last message although you probably wouldn't know for definite and I won't reveal my identity just yet but I will at some point. BUT if you figure out who I am and send me a message saying so then I will tell you

I’ve spoken to so many people on tumblr :( you said you were too far? Where are to from? Elsewhere in England? Over seas? Are you the person who is from Canada?

Anonymous: We have spoken before, although I haven't sent you an anon message for a long time. Probably because we live just too far away for us to be together so I try my best not to think about you but, well, you're too beautiful for me to not think about

Please this is so lovely :( I wouldn’t post publicly

Anonymous: Well I've been an admirer of yours for a long time, not that this will help you figure out who I am. I've sat here for the past 5 minutes trying to find a way to describe how beautiful your eyes are but there aren't any words that could accurately describe their beauty

Omg this is actually the nicest, sweetest thing ever. Have we spoken before?

Anonymous: I find you absolutely irresistible, your beautiful face and beautiful personality are irresistible

Omg THANK U who is this please?!?!

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Went to see my friend!
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Best I can do😭

Anonymous: Easter selfie pretty please dear :) xx

I’m going out later so I’ll post one now and then a nicer one later hopefully!xx

severthewickedhand: Pfft anon ignore the walking friend, what about the hottie in the Lynyrd Skynyrd t shirt

Omg, posting this publicly but I haven’t heard from you in forever!!!!

Anonymous: Does the person you went for a walk with have tumblr? She's hot haha. :)

She doesn’t sorry :)

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happy 420, I don’t smoke, I have asthma