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My first try at brush embroidery🙌
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i sure do laugh a lot for someone who’s dead on the inside.

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Second night I’ve sat and cried :’)

The last two days have been so shit and stressful, just want to cry and quit life.

Ugh it’s been that long since I came on here on my laptop, I didn’t even realise my theme didn’t work.

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My dark red lipstick came but it’s not dark enough :(
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My hair is growing back to its old length! :)
Anonymous: M O A N T O M E


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Anonymous: England

I’m so stuck. I can’t work on this little clues😩

Anonymous: You might be able to guess at who I am from the first sentence of my last message although you probably wouldn't know for definite and I won't reveal my identity just yet but I will at some point. BUT if you figure out who I am and send me a message saying so then I will tell you

I’ve spoken to so many people on tumblr :( you said you were too far? Where are to from? Elsewhere in England? Over seas? Are you the person who is from Canada?